So, I made it all the way across the country without a scratch and just a few days into unpacking and settling in, I notice a slowly deflating tire that this morning was indeed flat. after a quick call, the AAA gent came in due time, sweating in this dry heat, and replaced the flat with my spare. I asked him why he didn't just patch the tire and he told me they don't do this anymore, "you can have this done at Sears or Costco."

I am finding the long strands of red tape that wind around the Los Angeles basin and they are tied to the large bureaucracy of an extensively populated city. Once the spare tire was on, I drove to Mama's mechanic (my new friend Tony) who patched the tire, changed the oil and had to refer me to the smog check station as his shop wasn't set up for this. All this needs to be in place before I can apply to register the car, which, by the way, can be done at the local AAA.