Our bird, Hummer, has been spoiled by a constantly filled feeder that Mama keeps for her on the clothes line in our yard. Last week I bought a second feeder, a bit larger, with white flowers. We hung it further down the wire near to the original feeder and found it wasn’t getting much use. “It’s the white flowers.” Mama explained. “She likes the red flowers on this one better.” “Really?” I thought. Knowing little to nothing about birds and not having spent as much time with Hummer as Mama, I had no opinion except to wonder about this.

As we were talking about her again this morning, she arrived, drank, sat on the wire and started to settle herself as she usually does and then surprise, let out a large squirt of pee onto the cement that Mama missed seeing while I exclaimed with pointed finger at the wet droplets.

“Mother hummingbird on edge of nest about to brood young,” by William Lovell Finley, OSU Special Collections and Archives, 1905